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Hi everyone, and welcome to Retro Gaming Plays. Video games are a huge part of my life, past, present, and they still absorb a large amount of my time today!

Born in Canada in the 1980’s, a child of divorced parents, I ended up moving around a lot. Making friends could sometimes prove to be a challenge in a new school, but the one sure icebreaker I had, was video games. Super Mario opened more doors for me than my baseball skills ever could, and some friendships were started based on nothing more than a need for player 2.

Now, several decades later, I’m currently engaged with a young daughter, career and mortgage to worry about, and I still use video games as an escape and stress relief. I think its safe to say that I live my life by the old adage, “once a gamer, always a gamer”!


There are certain times in one’s youth, when such a monumental, life changing event occurs, that the very code of who we are is changed or rewritten for the rest of our lives. For me that moment was on May 21st 1990, when for my birthday I received my very first video game system, the Sega Genesis. While I had spent countless hours playing the original Nintendo the previous summers at my cousins (actively ignoring my parents wishes to “get outside and get some exercise”), the Sega was the first (of many) game systems I owned. Sega sleepovers with my friends, walking down the video store to rent a new game (and buy a Slurpee), and high scores became my youth. My life began to revolve around the all-mighty game console, from Sega, to Nintendo, to super Nintendo and on, I had to have, and play the newest and best game systems. Even to this day, the allure of sneaking off to my man cave to play the SNES mini, or Sega Genesis, or enjoy the simplistic difficulty of Pong, holds a specific power over me that today’s systems just can’t replicate.


This website is for the consoles and games of yesterday. Whether you’re an old timer like me, looking to relive your glory days, or a millennial, checking out the games your parents used to jam, this is the place to be! Discuss, buy, or just doing some reading up on the systems that made gaming what it is.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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