Ah, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Any gamer worth their salt has had some form of relationship with this Nintendo Classic Game Console. Arguably one of the best video game consoles ever made, the NES helped shape the video game industry to what it is today. In fact, peoples love for this console runs so deep even nowadays, that when Nintendo decided to do a release of their Nintendo Classic Game Console, dubbed the NES Classic Mini, it was an instant success, to the point that finding one became impossible. During the initial run of the NES Classic Mini, limited supplies and consumer hype meant that only the most dedicated of gamers would get their hands on the release of the Nintendo Classic Game Console, the NES. But the powers that be heard the cries of the masses and have decided to release the NES Classic Mini for a second time, and in greater numbers! No longer the elusive beast it once was, finding one of these Nintendo Classic Game Consoles has never been so easy.

The Nintendo Entertainment System – A Meteoric Rise to Power

Nintendo Entertainment System

At first there were video games, and it was good. Video game consoles held a small corner of the entertainment market and a portion of the population fell into the new category of ‘gamers’. Then in 1985 everything changed. Nintendo released its first video game console, and the gaming industry seemingly transformed over night.

The NES grabbed the publics attention with its revolutionary D-Pad controllers, top of the line 1st party games such as Mario Bros, and strict rules for 3rd party developers insuring only quality (for the most part) games where being made for the system. For the modest price of $99 the system came with 2 controllers and Super Mario Bros. and was the ‘must have’ Christmas gift for several years running. Nintendo even tried to up the fun by releasing a bunch of peripheral add-ons such as a light gun, a “Power Glove” controller, and of course R.O.B the robot.

What ever Nintendo did worked, and by the late 1980’s Nintendo was a household name. Nintendo has since proved what a gaming juggernaut their company is, and to this day still is one of the biggest names associated with video games.

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What’s in the Box

Opening my brand-new Nintendo Classic Game Console felt like it did when I opened the original NES for Christmas 26 years ago. The system looks like an exact replica of the Original NES, in all it’s boxy, grey glory; just a ¼ of the size. The controller feels 100% true to the original NES controller, except for the 2-foot cord. Come on Nintendo, with today’s TV’s, there is no need to sit 2 feet away from the television like back 30 years ago.

Fortunately, you can buy a cord extension from eBay to alleviate this oversight. It costs 10$ for 2 and it was more than worth it to be able to sit on my couch 10 feet away and comfortably game with no trouble. While you’re on eBay, you mine as well buy an extra controller for 10$ as well, seeing as this version of the Nintendo classic game system only comes with one. I should mention though, if you bought the Super NES Classic Mini, the controllers are interchangeable, so you can use your Super Nintendo controller for any 2 player games you might want to hack with a friend.

The system itself hooks up easily to pretty much any TV via an HDMI cable, and definitely draws a lot of conversation siting in my living room on my home entertainment stand.

The Games

Oh, where to begin. Maybe I’m biased because these games where such a big part of my childhood, but I would have to say the NES has some of the best titles out there as far as retro gaming is concerned.

Pacman on the NES

For starters we have one of the best Mario games ever made, the ultimate side scrolling action of Super Mario Bros 3. I like most Mario games, new and old, but everything about this game, from the level design, to Mario’s new power ups, to the hidden secret flutes, to Big World, all just make this game a must own and play.

Another favorite of mine is the original Legend of Zelda. This was one of the first RPG’s I ever got my hands on, and it absorbed hours of my life as a child. To be honest, there are so many amazing games for this Nintendo classic game console, that I must stop myself from rambling on, or we could be her all night. Final Fantasy, Dr. Mario, Double Dragon, Megaman, and Contra, just to name a few of the greats that everyone should play.

If you’re like me and decided to buy yourself a retro remake of the Nintendo Classic Game Console, then chances are it came pre-loaded with a certain number of games. With my purchase of the NES Classic Mini, it came pre-loaded with 30 games, (all heavy hitters), but I know with lots of 3rd party NES Retro systems, the list of games can go all the way up to 300. Hell, you can even mod the Nintendo Classic Game Console if you have the desire and a little know-how, and load on any game your heart wants.


Buy. Go buy it, right now. Serious, why are you not on Amazon adding a Nintendo Classic Game Console to your cart right now. I love everything about this system, from the games to the controllers. I also love the fact that I don’t have to blow into the system just to get the damn games to work (you old school gamers know exactly what I’m talking about).

So, whether you’re an old school gamer, or a young buck looking to take a stab at the games your daddy played, this Nintendo classic game console has something for everyone, and for the modest price of 100$, its something that every gamer should own and experience. Time to pick up those sticks and get gaming!